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Where to Visit in the Bahamas

With beautiful beaches, vibrant local culture, design-forward boutique hotels, and many different sun-splashed destinations to choose from (not to mention direct flights from most major U.S. airports), it’s no wonder the Bahamas is a long-standing favorite of holiday-goers looking for a stress-free, warm-weather vacation. Scroll on for five spectacular spots to check out on your next trip to this Caribbean island paradise.

Separated from the northern and central parts of the island by tidal creeks, South Andros is a laid-back locale that’s brimming with natural beauty and eco-tourism potential. Access to the third largest barrier reef on the planet means travelers have their pick of incredible snorkeling and diving, plus kayaking and deep-sea fishing.

Where to Stay: Caerula Mar Club
The first new hotel to open in South Andros in almost 20 years, Caerula Mar Club very much falls into the barefoot luxury category and puts a lot of stock in eco-conscious practices. In addition to an idyllic beach, outdoor pool, spa, and three dining concepts, it offers oceanfront suites and private villas decked out in breezy decor. The marble bathrooms are stocked with all-natural Sarah Baeumler bath products.

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