Ethereally Designed

Surrounded by lush vegetation, CAERULA MAR CLUB and our inviting villas and suites are enveloped by the stunning natural beauty that only The Bahamas can offer. Reflecting that beauty, the ethereal design of our sumptuous accommodations combined with our environmentally-conscious practices make Caerula Mar the epitome of barefoot luxury. 

Ethically Devoted

Founded on a belief in, and a dedication to, environmentally responsible, ethical and sustainable practices, we have created a haven for friends, family and fellow travellers. To experience Caerula Mar is to experience extraordinarily mindful care for you, your surroundings and the environment. 

Exceptionally Delivered

Because our boutique hotel is small, we are able to give you exceptional individual care. Our concierge services, exquisite cuisine and luxurious accommodations together create unique personal memories for a lifetime. Simple, sumptuous, thoughtful: hallmarks of our hospitality, the essence of barefoot luxury. 

Barefoot Luxury: a bespoke Caerula Mar experience.

“Grounded in the island’s rhythm, where each day is the beginning of a new story.”


– Bryan & Sarah Baeumler

Founders, Caerula Mar Club Resort


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