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33 Deck Railing Ideas to Add Fun and Function to Your Outdoor Space

From classic to contemporary: Elevate your outdoor living space with these railing design ideas By Abid Haque from AD It Yourself

Seaside decks are often synonymous with glass paneling, but, as Sarah Baeumler, founder of Caerula Mar Club notes, being steps away from the sea can make glass deck railing impractical for upkeep and safety. Another consideration is whether the modern look that accompanies glass railings matches the rest of the architecture. Baeumler says of the design seen here, “We wanted to preserve the charm of the original villas but provide an elevated design that would age beautifully with the property…. The use of a glass railing would not suit the relaxed nature of [the property].” Instead she opted for treated wood posts that would provide a classic look without significantly obstructing the views.

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