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Breakfast at Switcha

Start your tropical mornings with a visit to Switcha — Caerula Mar’s whimsical cafe and smoothie bar. Switcha provides an early takeaway option for those that wish to enjoy the sunrise from the beach or to get ready for an island adventure. You can also choose to enjoy the tropical setting of the café with our friendly baristas!

Hours: Open from 6am

How did Switcha get its name? ‘Switcha’ is the Bahamian word for ‘lemonade’. In The Bahamas, it is commonly made with limes instead of lemons and sugar. We love the refreshing taste of “Switcha” and the design of the cafe is truly “made to order”.

Try out delicious, locally-influenced delicacies and fresh fruit smoothies, cold press juices, gourmet teas and coffee with freshly baked pastries, breakfast bowls and yogurt or a light lunch panini.

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